May 14, 2021

February 20, 2021

"Our ignition tumblers were completely shot and we could not even turn our key to start the engine. I emailed Chris and he was very fast to reply with a quote and explanation of service. Once we decided we would need a locksmith, he came out and was one of the most helpful people I've ever worked with. He explained what was wrong and did the work quickly, and was super friendly the entire time. Onviously we hope we never need a locksmith again, but if we do I'm using this company again."
February 19, 2021

"D&B is without a doubt the best locksmith company there is. Extremely reliable, great prices, unmatched customer service, prompt, did I mention reliable? The list really goes on, these guys are incredible! We use them with my property management company, which means I call them a few times a week, and each time I call they are Jonny on the spot! All around they are the best and I couldn’t recommend them enough!"
January 7, 2021

November 18, 2020

"What a fantastic business this is! Dave’s customer service went above and beyond! He persisted for almost 3 months trying to find the complicated mechanism that our door needed for the repair of the latch. He was very knowledgeable and was upfront with us on how difficult it might be to find the part. He began by repairing our old latch enough to keep it usable until the new part could possibly be found and replaced. His persistence, unknowingly would be almost 3 months trying to get this part. All along, he communicated with us while working tirelessly on this quest. Most companies would have given up and said they can’t help us. Not Dave! He made it happen and throughout the process was a joy to work with. D&B Lockworks embraces excellent customer service and pride delivering it. We cannot say enough about the professionalism Dave and his company possess. He delivered much more than just a part, he delivered honesty, care and kindness as well as leaving the repair area nice and clean. He prevented us from having to replace an entire door/complicated mechanism within it. We will highly suggest D&B Lockworks and their service to all we know. "