January 29, 2018

"Professional....low priced and quickly unlocked the running car without damaging the car also made a spare key. Very impressed with overall service experience."
December 16, 2017

"Had an elderly customer that recently lost her husband and wasn't sure where he had placed the keys to their car (her only means of transportation). She was crying and completely helpless, lost as to what to do as her husband always took care of "these things" and was on a super tight fixed budget. I called D&B on her behalf, as I've heard nothing but great things, and wasn't let down. They cut her not only a key, but a phenomenal deal and were at her home within an hour. Thank you guys for your exceptional service and kind hearts. I can't thank you enough!"
December 1, 2017

"They always do Great Service. I used them for 5 years!"
October 2, 2017

"I lost my key and had to have a new one made. We worked with Chris, he was very friendly and helpful. He returned my calls quickly and was very efficient. The price was also the best we found in Greeley."
July 21, 2017

"Awesome to work with as they are quick and do what they say they will."